A note from Liz

"Sunlight, sand and surf ! These elements inspire my work. As a child, my family spent summers at the beach. When I paint I am reliving those days of cool ocean breezes, hot sand between my toes and pink swirls of cotton candy on the boardwalk. Those memories are always with me". 

"I love using vibrant colors to express energy and movement in my paintings. I am much more interested in how a person feels when they look at my work than in exact representation. People tell me that my art makes them happy. I couldn't ask for a higher compliment".

About Liz's work

"My work has always been a combination of many things — watercolor, gouache, pencil among other mediums. Some paintings are simply traditional watercolors, others are assembled similar to a stage set. The backgrounds are painted then the images are created separately. I put them together adding and subtracting until the composition becomes my vision. I often work on several paintings at the same time, adding color, cutting paper, assembling layers over a matter of months or sometimes minutes".


About Liz's Prints

A giclée (pronounced zhee•clay) is from the French word meaning “to spurt or spray”. It refers to a state of the art digital printing process where millions of microscopic droplets of heavily pigmented ink are applied to paper or canvas. The result is a fine art print with unparalleled color saturation and resolution possessing the clarity and archival nature of the original painting. All Giclées are not created equal. How a print is generated makes a huge difference in its final quality and value.

Liz Lind Prints Are Worth The Investment! 

Liz’s giclées are printed using 8 and 12 color printers with pigmented inks that resist fading and last longer (up to 200 years) than any other ink available. The result is a richer denser color with astounding vibrancy and resolution. Capture Liz’s original art is digitally captured avoiding intermediate photography steps that can degrade the quality of the original image. 

All Liz Lind prints are limited edition. The number after the slash indicates the total number of prints of the image. Liz offers three artist proofs and three remarques for each image. Her signature is the last detail added to each print. Liz personally inspects each print to insure it meets her exacting standards. She’s picky and proud of it.